[給大家看看刺激的東西]: 台灣vs.中國之戰

Posted On 星期日, 十月 5, 2008

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一位大陸人(?不知從哪裡來的人)的回覆: (by Jane tse)

You might be blind to the history. Taiwan has always been the
territory of China, whether it is the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty
or the Republic of China. You are also blind to current
affairs. If you Taiwan people wish to get independent from
China, please return us all our gold and national treasure
CHiang Kai Shek had brought to Taiwan. The territory too! Why
Shih Ming-tek and 1 million people was not able to drive away a
corrupted president? It is because there are people blind like
you who are not able to distinguish right and wrong by cheating
yourself and turning a blind eye to history and acutality. It is
only through burying your own conscience, you Chinese people of
Taiwan can tolerate Chen Shui bian’s corruption and deny your
identity as a Chinese. Under democratic principle, we, the 1.3
billion Chinese do not give our recognition on the sovereignty
of Taiwan because Taiwan has always been an unalienable part of

版豬的回應: (麻辣)

蔣介石那時轉進的東西 如果是主權到台灣 這樣的行為 並沒有不合理的地方 台灣根本不歸屬於中國為什麼硬要把我們稱作你們的附屬子民?就是因為這樣 所以你們西藏的問題才會這麼嚴重 自以為是的侵略 自以為是的專制 自以為是的霸道 遇到什麼事情就只會掩蓋下來 要不是毒奶粉造成那麼多嬰兒腎結石 也許根本不會有人知道

台灣之所以跟中國不同 因為思想理念不同
專制霸道跟民主政治 兩種不同的體制跟本不可能存於同一國 領土真的是你們的嗎?從歷史來看 有利益就找台灣 沒利益就割地賠償 大陸給過我們什麼 養過我們什麼 憑什麼台灣一副你們殖民地的樣子 就算是殖民地 比起中國 日本的建設還比大陸的建設好太多了!!!

也許陳水扁涉嫌貪污 你敢保證其他人沒貪污嗎? 不要假了 就人氣來看 說不定馬的拿一次比陳水扁拿10次還多 只是有沒有錢去掩蓋這樣的"毒錢"事件而已吧!!還沒超過大陸貪污的標準值 所以不會被挖出來 對待台灣人跟大陸人的標準 一向都是這麼雙重標準的不是嗎? 錯誤本來就要承擔 貪污並不是對的 我也沒有說陳水扁是對的 但是政治追殺是事實

不需要否認我不是中國人 因為本來就不是何來否認? unalienable? 這只是另一個西藏問題重現台灣 又一個自以為是的說法 也許你也該去讀讀歷史 不過我想大陸史跟台灣史應該寫的都不一樣吧 也許亞洲所有國家在你們所謂的歷史 都是unalienable part.

Here I would like to give again you some advices. Independence
and sovereignty are things created by the West for people of the
East to fight among people of the same nation. Independence and
sovereignty are also mobilized by the American politician to
strip colonials away from Western powers because the American
are late comers of the colonial war. You have to face the
reality that 23 million Taiwan Chinese cannot over-rule the 1.3
billion mainland Chinese and many other Chinese scattering all
over the world. By democratic principle or authoritarian rule
of the mainland,and by the international law, the independence
of Taiwan is impossible, particularly when the People’s Republic
of China is a permanent member of the UN security council.

版豬的回應: (麻辣)

沒錯 獨立這種字眼絕對沒辦法出現在中國 所以西藏獨立 就是被流血鎮壓這樣而已 一味把別人看做自己的殖民地 枉顧人權專斷獨行不准有異言 這就是你們一貫的作風 台灣人並不想統治大陸人 所以我也不需要面對這種無謂的事實 台灣獨立不獨立 不是你喊一喊就算的 台灣也曾是UN的一員 這你不能否認 因為當時政體制度完全不同 現在也是 土地 人民 政府 主權 台灣並不是沒有 而是各大國 礙於大陸的強勢 所以我們一直被壓制 加上台灣的內賊 公投才沒過 如果你曾聽過impossible is nothing 的話 台灣的獨立 並無不可能 同樣的 西藏也是

So, you pan-green people better end your own imagined war with
other part of the Taiwan society and be friendly with those
pan-blue Taiwanese people, living together in harmony and forget
about abstract things like independence, sovereignty and
identity. They are jargons of the last century. We’re are in a
new global century. Nations and national boundries are abstract
things share to separate people and grow hatred. We are on the
same boat and sharing the same fate. There is no need to cling
on corrupted people and party sacrificing your real interest of
a stable, harmonious and prosperous Taiwan. Open your eyes to
the world and to the motherland of China, not to bury your head
to the sand.

版豬的回應: (麻辣)

這並不是泛藍泛綠的問題 而是我們同樣都處在台灣這條船上 我們只是不想被打壓 如果你想要談所謂的harmony 那對準台灣的砲彈你要怎麼解釋 在unfair的情況下你想跟人家說和諧 是不是自己做賊的喊抓賊? 我都替你感到不好意思了…台灣跟大陸當然可以共存阿 在no harm no hurt的情況下 我們本來就存在同一個世界了 也是你知道的事實 那你有friendly的對待我們嗎? 要講這些以前 先看看你們自己怎樣對待台灣吧 台灣也不想與大陸為敵 並不是每天吃飽沒事做 但如果要來談和諧 這我想台灣比大陸有資格好幾百倍 而不是由大陸人來叫囂 需要打開眼睛的是你自己 什麼motherland… 有mother會餵毒奶給小孩吃的我還是第一次聽到 我看是step-motherland吧 台灣就像是灰姑娘 有這麼多step-sister在助這個毒奶step-mother為虐 包二奶 毒奶不是從你們那邊傳出來的喔? 不要以為會哺乳的就是mother好嗎…尤其還是餵那種亂七八糟食物的mother勒…monster會不會比較適切阿…?

The world is full of colour, as yourself have probably aware.
There is not only Green in the world. Apart from actual colour
we can see with our eyes, there are right and wrong, which we
see with our conscience. Be a real person living independently
from abstract values manipulated by politicians. Politicians are
wicked, they need people to monitor.This is the true meaning of
democracy. Democracy means rule of the poeple, rule by the
people, rule for the people. The ultimate goal of democracy is
the welfare and benefit of the people. We better not get
ourselves lost in abstract jargons of democracy and forget about
our own interset.

版豬的回應: (麻辣)

當然這世界是多彩多姿的 不過你們的國家也許只有紅色吧!!! 這世界當然不是只有綠的阿 你說i may be blind to the history, 你是不是也可能有色盲呢…? 人民當然不能被政治人物所操弄 但國家是我們所共有的 當然可以發出一些意見阿 不過也許你不懂吧 畢竟民主在大陸可能不是很風行… 難道你說出那些話 就不代表你沒有被大陸的政治人物所操弄嗎 這並沒有一個的道理好嗎… 也許不要忘記民主初衷是提醒你自己的吧 如果你有這種想法 就不會有這麼迫切的妄想症想要台灣人硬說自己是中國人 基本上 人種並無差別 所以請你不要強迫我們好嗎? Be democratic!

So, open your eyes and defend a clean Taiwan rather than
tolerate corruption. Politicians are liers. Use your
intelligence to judge things independently and see clearly what
are the real need of yourself and that of the PEOPLE of Taiwan
as a whole.

版豬的回應: (大辣)

我想這段話是給你自己的信心喊話吧 既然你有這樣的自覺 我也no comment了, thank you for your attention~!

看完這一位Jane Tse的回應






8 Responses to “[給大家看看刺激的東西]: 台灣vs.中國之戰”

  1. clairecccc

    哩金Awful XD

  2. michaelltaiwan

    ha!! 我剛剛看到Jㄝ!!
    金Awful XD


  3. jane tse

    Political difference cannot be used to conceal the fact that Taiwan has always been the sovereign territory of China. There is no government in this world would claim that they are not a democratic government. Even the People’s Republic of China, Ex-Soviet Union and the US after the 911, they all are executing authoritarian and oligarchical leadership rather than offering the people opportunity to rule. Had your ex-president Chen Shui bian any restraint in exercising his power to change the name of the Republic of China? Had he asked the other big half of the pan-blue people whether they would like to remove the penal in the CHiang Kai shek memorial hall? Has your ex-president and ex-government official ever asking whether your Taiwan people to allow him doing money laundry and getting commission in all government expenditure ?
    If democracy is about rule of people, what do you think if we people in the mainland and people in Hong Kong and Macao rule that Taiwan should belong to China? Doesn’t this a majority rule over the faith of Taiwan? So, do not use a political system to justify your separatist intention. I do not think that over 1.3 billion chinese would agree that Taiwan is a sovereign territory though Taiwan might be exercising your autonomous government of the island, which we, the rest of the Chinese nation would not oppose if it is not for the separation of our sovereign territory.

  4. jane tse

    What I wish to highlight here is that we people ought to free ourselves from the ideological confrontation of last century. In a true democracy, the government would only reflect the wish of the people. I believe that everywhere people do not want war, everywhere, people wish to have peace, stability and prosperity. Poliitcal parties are principal bearers of social conflicts in a democracy. It is with these conflicts, political parties compete for power. As a consequence, we people are sacrificed for the narrow interest of some politicians, we have clearly seen that in your ex-president. The more cleavage beween the mainland and Taiwan, the more personal interest (money) he can “A". The more cleavage between the mainlander Taiwanese and the Taiwan born Taiwanese, the more money he can “A". The more cleavages in the Taiwan society, less popular scrutiny on government can be done. Truth can become false and false becomes the right. People would be blinded from law and harmony. Can you see that your elected representatives can openly beaten a civilian, a professor coming for academic exchange? Can you see how a suspected super corruptive ex-president can openly defy the rule of law and your legal personnel? Democracy is just an ideology feeding us with an utopian vision so that we can die for those who have personal agenda. The real people who wish to serve the people would not wish their own society and their own people being split up by ideologies. From this, you can see what is real demcracy, which Taiwan has not yet built up one. Democracy has nothing holy. It is only a political system, some rule of the political games. What is important in this system is its central mechanism of competition. Successful consolidation of your democracy does not hinge on which party has the power to separate Taiwan from China. It hinges on how you can institutionalize a mechanism for a peaceful contest of power within the rule of law serving the well beings of the Taiwan people. Whether you have autonomy does not lie on whether you can separate an inseparable piece of territory from a big country with 1.3 billion people, for this is only a dream. It is on how you attitude to admit the fact and your limitations. We all live under limitations. It depends on how we coexist with our limitations and prosper ourselves. Besides, sovereignty and boundary have long become irrelevant in this global era. If we imprison ourselves in these abstract concepts created by the Westphalian treaty of Europe in the 15th Century, we cannot survive this new era.

  5. jane tse

    This is just to clarify that I am a Hong Kong Chinese, not a mainlander. I share the same experience of living in a Chinese territory but ruled by colonial government. I do not have a confused national identity because I do not depend on demagogue to tell me who I am.

  6. jane tse


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  8. jane tse

    A good song to share:


    What do you Taiwan Chinese feel after enjoying this song of an American Chinese?



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