Being Together

Posted On 星期日, 十二月 21, 2008

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I have been thinking that the old saying , goes like “十年修得同船渡, 百年修得共枕眠"

Is it just a crush or like a hot spring egg takes 65~68 degree boiled for 3-5 minutes and then makes the relish

Getting along is really an ART indeed…

you can’t either be too serious or too eased

But just RIGHT

(a little more or less would bring things to either ways but HELL may be the only destination)


People eager to settle down, especially for those who can’t even find a place to rest or desire for  a little inner-peace

even after, they finally find a place to take a nap with one another……they don’t feel at ease

you and I are no exception!!

what’s the cause? and how come?

If you are asking, I would modestly say that things won’t always go on our own ways……

It’s nothing about racist, and it’s nothing about gender, or even it’s nothing about interest/habit


Like my posts, specific space or the atomosphere around people

They are all elaborating an idea of RESPECT

Respect is not asking every little thing of people’s idea, and it’s not doing everything on his/her own for everyone as well

It’s the fully condiferation of different people’s personality and characteristics and then……………………………… act

Don’t act with nobrainness (sorry, I made the word)


If we don’t know anything or we know nothing, just don’t move an ass but watch

Blank it out doesn’t mean that we don’t care, but do leave the space for others and the conversation shouldn’t

start from here but the people you care they own.

Be ware, especially for those in the beginning level, SILENCE is the best policy for not messisng things up.

We are not hurry to get an anwser, it’s nothing about dying or living

We are not in a rush to making a D-day final report (but I am), it’s nothing about lossing a job or not (but it is for me)


It should be a lot of fun watching people living in their own way

It should be very interesting that we could learn a lot from different people (sometimes, we learn from each other)

And, don’t feel hostile, or be haste

We are just new together

And, we won’t regret for the spilt milk……there no way for us to look back!!





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