knee jerk reflex

Posted On 星期六, 二月 28, 2009

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In my life

there’s alway a group of “kind" people, who I think of nothing  but maybe they are no harm

just trying very hard, keeping tell me some of my failure in my life (Well, it is)

you know!? it’s quite fine and I would take that as waht I deserve

And, when it comes to “public"

sort of public that I don’t know much, strangers I think most of the people are

it’s like an annoucement to everyone

A crucifixion (but, I am just not Jesus Christ at all)

but those people are just like raising up an “ordinary" discussion

or a little presentation of thoughtfulness/carefulness for me

Really, Really, gratefully thank you!

Actually, in my mind

To my suprise, that everywhere I go , the failure just spreads

and I do really have to appraciate the group of “kind" people

keeping help inform or notify of my up-coming and a failure was just behind me. Hey, did you see?

It’s really interesting, since I always thought that only a few of my closed-friends

would care of that, and they do care of me, and they won’t even dare to talk about this

not to mention in public

And, you know what!? the iced lake is leaking

It seems like nobody knows that this is a forbidden topic in my whole life

not to mention, I never count on this to earn a living or fake it as beautiful as possible

Pathetically, I have been in an open-discussion with a friend named Friend

After we came up with  a deal and made fully understanding of the sorrow and suffer I’ve been always carrying on

Hurray! one day and many time after that, I just watch the Friend happily and talkactively spreading and sharing

the good news of me, haha! with people, and in public~ not to mention in private with others (Surprise)

Well, how do you think I could keep on?

What a lovely Friend!? what about other people I take them as F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?

That’s what I can’t have control over, but do wish they are being nice to the sort of miserable people, like me

Unless they could just do it behind my back, and no body will come up and ask me on my shit face^^

I would just tell the truth after all, and the truth will be really really hurt! hurt you? or hurt me the most?

Too sad, and the response of mine just like a knee jerk reflex now

Very sad, very very sad!

No one  knows, and no one can tell or read the one, and the only one, me

I really could go and play the Miserable, couldn’t I?

I will disappear automatically, silently, quitely one day

just in case, i can’t take this anymore but I still can’t make any effort to it

Thinking, no one’s  taking it as a big matter or they are just make fun of me to prove their successful life which is

much smoothier, well-going than mine

Well, that’s true and really really true.

Good luck! you have my best wishes for all

I love you!


MB (Taiwan)



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