The 4th Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (October 23~25 2009, Tainan, Taiwan)

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We are proud to invite you to the 4th Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (ACPE) in October 2009 at Tainan, Taiwan. The Conference will be co-hosted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan. The main theme for this year is “Communication and Collaboration for Safety". The goal of this Conference is to provide a platform of communication and collaboration among stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and the public to share their experiences and concerns on drug safety issues.

In the 3-day program, the 4th ACPE 2009 will provide you educational sessions on pharmacoepidemiology and therapeutic risk management. Experts from Europe, USA, and Asia will share their experiences in areas of translating research results to policy and clinical decision-making, developing and implementing risk-management programs, and improving prescribing quality. In addition, critical issues in using databases will be discussed.

The location for this conference, Tainan City, is the oldest city in Taiwan and is rich in history. Dutch forts and European merchant houses are now the glittering gems in Tainan, reflecting the prosperous legacy from 17th century. The first Confucius Temple (built in 1665) in Taiwan were located in Tainan. In early 20th century, the Japanese governance further shaped the architecture and culture of the city. Today, Tainan is renowned as the capital of culture and education of Taiwan.

We anticipate all the participants will find the program rewarding and the culture and hospitality of Tainan City an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to seeing you in Tainan in October 2009.


2 Responses to “The 4th Asian Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology (October 23~25 2009, Tainan, Taiwan)”

  1. Symposier

    It looks like it will be a great event for all people and experts in Pharmacoepidemiology. Another great event in Pharmacoepidemiology will be the “25th Anniversary International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management”, more in this site:

  2. michaelltaiwan

    聽說原本預估兩百, 最多兩百五
    我想, 應該會衝破350吧!


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