IPSF EMRO Leaders In Training – Call for applicants

Posted On 星期一, 五月 11, 2009

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1. Call for EMRO LIT applicants 2009

2. Application form EMRO LIT 2009

Dear IPSF friends,

Re: Leaders In Training (LIT) programme in Cairo, Egypt 11-15 July 2009

The Eastern Mediterranean Region is hosting their first LIT programme in Cairo, please find attached the Call and application form for applicants.

The LIT program is also combined with the potential to help LIT participants to be successful trainers and provide the same LIT training program in the same leadership topics for their local student associations.

Topics covered in the programme include:
– Personal Development
– Communication
– Project Management
– Succession Planning and Group Dynamics
– Successful Training

Please e-mail all completed applications (application form, CV and optional support letter) by 31st May 2009 to emro@ipsf.org and training@ipsf.org.

For more information about LIT, please contact IPSF Training Coordinator, Mr. Marcin Radke at training@ipsf.org.




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