IPSF News – 69th FIP Congress Istanbul 3-8 September 2009

Posted On 星期四, 七月 2, 2009

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Sent on behalf of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP):

Dear IPSFers!

Greetings from FIP Headquarters, where we are all getting very excited about our upcoming Congress in Istanbul , Turkey , and where YOU can come too for a special student rate!

In a few short months thousands of pharmacists, scientists, academics and students will join us in Istanbul , Turkey for the 69th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Those familiar with FIP and our Congress know that this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Here you can take part in an educational programme that discusses the most important topics in pharmacy today, meet and interact with key leaders from around the world and most importantly connect with other students and young pharmacists just like you, ready and eager to move their career in pharmacy forward. Make the most of this experience and bring along a friend so you both can enjoy the full experience of a FIP Congress!

The Programme

Every year the FIP Congress programme offers 5 packed days of Sessions, Workshops, Poster Sessions and Meetings. With the special student registration you are free to take advantage of the wide variety of educational opportunities offered at the FIP Congress. Furthermore, IPSF and the FIP Young Pharmacists Group have planned several symposia specifically targeted to students and young pharmacists. This year the joint IPSF-FIP Students Day will be centered on the Public Health Role of Pharmacists, where integrating pharmacists in the role of public health will be discussed at length. All are invited to learn and share their personal experiences!

Istanbul and the Congress Social Events

The FIP Congress not only offers key educational sessions for students, but the social calendar throughout the week is packed with activities where you can meet, mingle and connect to other students, young pharmacists and leaders in pharmacy in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. These experiences are made even better by the fact that the cosmopolitan and intriguing city of Istanbul will provide beautiful locations for all of these social events to take place! Once again, the FIP YPG has been busy planning two special evenings for students and young pharmacists. The first is the YPG/IPSF International Evening – one of if not THE most fun events of the entire FIP Congress, taking place at a top-notch Istanbul “hot spot”! Following that, the YPG Dinner will invite all to sit down together, share a meal and thoughts and goals for the future.

Invite your friends to share this experience!

As we all know from our amazing experiences with IPSF, international congresses are best enjoyed with friends, both new and old from far and wide. So, don’t keep this unforgettable opportunity for yourself – TELL A FRIEND and have them join you in Istanbul , where careers are launched and lifelong connections are made Cut and paste this link you’re your browser to tell a friend about the FIP Congress in Istanbul ! http://www.fip. org/www/index. php?page= tellafriend&subscription= false

On behalf of everyone here at FIP, we look forward to welcoming you to the 2009 FIP Congress!

For more information please visit www.fip.org/ istanbul2009




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