IPSF News – IPSF at the 10th CPA Conference, Accra, Ghana 4-8 August 2009

Posted On 星期四, 七月 2, 2009

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Dear IPSF friends especially those in the African region,

The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA) is holding its 10th CPA conference in Accra , Ghana from 4-8 August 2009. The conference is themed “Managing Threats and Crises: The Vital Role of Pharmacy in an Unstable World”. IPSF is also privileged to have secured workshop time during the CPA conference, which will be held on 6th August 09. This event in Ghana serves as a step towards the 1st IPSF African Regional Symposium (AfRS) in 2010.

The 10th CPA Conference comes at a timely manner for IPSF and IPSF-AfRO as IPSF is celebrating our 60th anniversary and it is also AfRO’s 1st year anniversary! As the conference is held in Ghana , this provides a great opportunity for our African members to meet each other and it is a perfect opportunity to learn more about IPSF and to bring IPSF spirit back to your country and local pharmacy student organisation!

To make it even more accessible for pharmacy students to attend the 10th CPA Conference, CPA is also offering a special $300 registration deal for only the first 100 IPSF student members. The $300 USD will include your registration as well as accommodation for the entire CPA conference. Simply write the code “IPSF@60” onto the registration form.

Hurry as places are limited! Sign up for the opportunity of your lifetime!

For more information:

10th CPA Conference website: http://psgh. org/cpa

CPA website: http://www.commonwe althpharmacy. org

For queries, please email afro@ipsf.org.




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