Together! Work Bigger~ Joint FAPA/Taiwan Reception in 2009 FIP Istanbul Congress

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On September 6th during the FIP Congress (Istanbul, Turkey), the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan jointly hosted the first-ever FAPA/Taiwan Reception in the Hilton Istanbul with the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations, and the Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  This is the first try in the FIP Congress that we together invite our international colleagues and friends; jointly celebrate the friendships and annual meeting in the FIP World Congress.

(Opening of the Reception, September 6th)

(Playing of 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition video)

Before we arrived at Istanbul, the PST Office systematically emailed and mailed the invitations to our FAPA member countries and to FIP, and we gained lots of responses.  At the date of the FAPA/Taiwan Reception, more than 300 colleagues and friends attended our Reception.  And, many leaders or board members from different countries’ society/organizations showed up and joined us at night.  The Reception started at 5pm, and we are honored to have President Nam (FAPA), President Chien (TSHP), Mr. Thony Björk (FIP), Prof. Nagai (FAPA), Dr. Peter Kailgast (Former President of FIP, and Former Director of FIP Education & Research Foundation), and Mr. Leslie Z. Benet (FIP) to address to the audience.  During the Reception, we are appreciated that Dr. Kamal K. Midha (FIP), Mr. Ton Hoek (FIP), Mr. John Bell (FIP), and Mr. John Ware (WPPF) joined us and celebrate the meaningful night with us.

(President Nam, FAPA)

(President Chien, TSHP)

(President Huang, PST)

(Mr. Thony Björk, FIP Vice President)

(Mr. Leslie Z. Benet, FIP Education & Research Foundation)

(President Huang and Dr. Kamal K. Midha, FIP President)

(Mr. John Ware and his colleagues, WPPF)

(Mr. John Bell and our MC)

FAPA, as co-host of this Reception, more than a hundred participants were from FAPA member countries and this hadn’t have included the participants of 80~90 from Taiwan.  Our distinguished guest and a old friend, Dr. Peter Kailgast made the comments out of his personal feeling, “these group of Taiwanese people, in my term as being the President of FIP, the first question they asked me was not I expected, but asking me that what they can do for FIP, for the international pharmacy profession. And this reminded me of what the US President John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural addressing, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  People in the Ballroom were not un-touched by this sincere and passionate addressing, not to mention the Taiwanese people who’s been respecting and cherishing old friends and friendships.

(Dr Peter Kailgast, Former FIP President; A respectful elderly and old friend)

At the end of Dr. Kailgast’s addressing, he also suggested three reasons for people to consider visiting Taiwan.  First of all, try and visit Taiwan and prove yourself why the Portuguese sailed to the seashore of this small green island, shouted out “El La Formosa!” astonished by its beauty.  Second, Please take a look the people around you, you would find who adorable are these people and what/how you can expect the 2010 FAPA Congress in Taiwan.  Last but not least, for the professional suggestion, the National Health Insurance Program of Taiwan shall provide as good example for the world and share its fruitful experience with its international colleagues.

The Reception ended around 7pm and all the participants happily left after taking photos in front of the Reception banner.  It was a successful Reception ever-co-hosted by FAPA/PST/TSHP.  Hope the Reception would continue and see you all next year in FIP Congress (Lisbon, Portugal) and for sure, we can’s miss you in Taiwan for 2010 FAPA Congress.

(Group photo taken with friends and Taiwanese people)

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A Shining Star In 2009 FIP Congress Exhibition – Booth No.55 (Article for FAPA Website)

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FIP Annual Congress, the 69th World Congress Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science Congress, was taken place in Istanbul, Turkey from September 3rd ~ 8th 2009 (Main theme: Responsibility for Patient Outcomes – Are you ready?).  As the host of the 2010 Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) Congress, Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan (PST) took this great opportunity to promote next year FAPA to our international colleagues.  Together with the 2010 FAPA Congress promotion, PST also helped the Taipei City Government to promote the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition.

The promotion booth in the Congress Exhibition Hall was designed under two themes, the 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, and the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition.  Therefore, we could find the four giant posters below which attracted most of the people to take picture as background.

(Giant Poster, No.1 of 4: 2010 Taipei International Flora Expositions)

(Giant Poster, No.2 of 4: 2010 Taipei International Flora Expositions)

(Giant Poster, No.3 of 4: 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan)

(Giant Poster, No.4 of 4: 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan)

The FIP Congress began at 2pm in the afternoon of September 3rd.  Opening Ceremony started with Turkish Minster of Health and FIP President Dr. Kamal K. Midha’s addressing.  In between the ceremony, the Turkish brought the participants the most famous performance, the Shaman Dance Theater.  Right after the Opening Ceremony, the Welcome Reception was followed and held in the Exhibition Hall.  More than two thousand of Congress participants crowed into the Exhibition Hall and make the Hall the well-know, Grand Bazaar.

(President Nam signed for FAPA)

(President Nam, and President Huang took picture with the Booth Staff from PST/TYPG)

(Vice Presidents, Mr. Ahaditomo and Mr. Joseph Wang)

(Vice President of FAPA, Ms. Lyesa and her colleague with President Huang )

(Booth: sign board for people to leave message or blessing for FAPA)

(Turkish congress participant wore our Butterfly Costume)

(At the end of the days, we got tones of signing on the guest book)

(People crowded into our FAPA Booth, No. 55)

(Gentlman got the price after winning the game from us)

(Lady got the price after winning the game from us)

(People who were interested at the game, and ready to gain a price from us)

The 23rd Federation of Asian of Pharmaceutical Associations Congress will be held from November 5th to 8th at the Taipei International Conference Center.  The Organizing Committee and the people in Taiwan are welcoming all the international colleague to take a visit to our island, and experience the passion and hospitality of our Taiwanese People.  Please visit our website:

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Dear YPG Friends

Please enjoy out latest edition of the YPG Newsletter attached to this message

Receive kind regards!

IPSF News – 69th FIP Congress Istanbul 3-8 September 2009

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Sent on behalf of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP):

Dear IPSFers!

Greetings from FIP Headquarters, where we are all getting very excited about our upcoming Congress in Istanbul , Turkey , and where YOU can come too for a special student rate!

In a few short months thousands of pharmacists, scientists, academics and students will join us in Istanbul , Turkey for the 69th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Those familiar with FIP and our Congress know that this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Here you can take part in an educational programme that discusses the most important topics in pharmacy today, meet and interact with key leaders from around the world and most importantly connect with other students and young pharmacists just like you, ready and eager to move their career in pharmacy forward. Make the most of this experience and bring along a friend so you both can enjoy the full experience of a FIP Congress!

The Programme

Every year the FIP Congress programme offers 5 packed days of Sessions, Workshops, Poster Sessions and Meetings. With the special student registration you are free to take advantage of the wide variety of educational opportunities offered at the FIP Congress. Furthermore, IPSF and the FIP Young Pharmacists Group have planned several symposia specifically targeted to students and young pharmacists. This year the joint IPSF-FIP Students Day will be centered on the Public Health Role of Pharmacists, where integrating pharmacists in the role of public health will be discussed at length. All are invited to learn and share their personal experiences!

Istanbul and the Congress Social Events

The FIP Congress not only offers key educational sessions for students, but the social calendar throughout the week is packed with activities where you can meet, mingle and connect to other students, young pharmacists and leaders in pharmacy in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. These experiences are made even better by the fact that the cosmopolitan and intriguing city of Istanbul will provide beautiful locations for all of these social events to take place! Once again, the FIP YPG has been busy planning two special evenings for students and young pharmacists. The first is the YPG/IPSF International Evening – one of if not THE most fun events of the entire FIP Congress, taking place at a top-notch Istanbul “hot spot”! Following that, the YPG Dinner will invite all to sit down together, share a meal and thoughts and goals for the future.

Invite your friends to share this experience!

As we all know from our amazing experiences with IPSF, international congresses are best enjoyed with friends, both new and old from far and wide. So, don’t keep this unforgettable opportunity for yourself – TELL A FRIEND and have them join you in Istanbul , where careers are launched and lifelong connections are made Cut and paste this link you’re your browser to tell a friend about the FIP Congress in Istanbul ! http://www.fip. org/www/index. php?page= tellafriend&subscription= false

On behalf of everyone here at FIP, we look forward to welcoming you to the 2009 FIP Congress!

For more information please visit istanbul2009

FIP Young Pharmacists Group Newsletter1

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Reference: ypg-newsletter-sep-dec-2008
Dear IPSF friends,
IPSF has enjoyed a close collaborative relationship with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). FIP has a Young Pharmacists’ Group (YPG), whose membership base overlaps with IPSF’s Individual Membership. Students who have graduated from their first pharmacy degree are still eligible for IPSF membership for up to 4 years after their graduation and FIP members who are under 35 years of age or who graduated from pharmacy school less than 5 years ago qualify to participate in the FIP Young Phamacists’ Group.
As we travel through our university days with IPSF, the natural step as we enter our professional careers is via FIP YPG. IPSF would like to introduce FIP YPG with the attached YPG Newsletter, the current YPG team are all ex-IPSFers!
In this edition of the FIP YPG Newsletter:
– YPG at the FIP Congress
– Basel Highlights
– Awards and Opportunities
– YPG at Istanbul

For more informaiton about FIP YPG, please visit

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