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Dear YPG Friends

Please enjoy out latest edition of the YPG Newsletter attached to this message

Receive kind regards!


IPSF – Very Delay News Shot

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Attachments: Newsletter 65

Dear IPSF friends,

This issue of the IPSF newsletter focuses on the Student Exchange experiences of our members. Enjoy reading about the stories from students who have visited:

– Riga, Latvia

– Coimbra, Portugal

– Reykjavik, Iceland

– Alexandria, Egypt




a. Call_for_applicants_for_EMRO_LIT 2_extended

b. Application_form_EMRO_LIT_2009_extended

Dear IPSF friends,

Re: EXTENDED DEADLINE 20 JUNE 2009 Leaders In Training (LIT) programme in Cairo , Egypt 11-15 July 2009

The Eastern Mediterranean Region is hosting their first LIT programme in Cairo , please find attached the Call and application form for applicants.

The LIT program is also combined with the potential to help LIT participants to be successful trainers and provide the same LIT training program in the same leadership topics for their local student associations.

Topics covered in the programme include:

– Personal Development

– Communication

– Project Management

– Succession Planning and Group Dynamics

– Successful Training

Please e-mail all completed applications (application form, CV and optional support letter) by 20 June 2009 to emro@ipsf.org and training@ipsf. org.

For more information about LIT, please contact IPSF Training Coordinator, Mr. Marcin Radke at training@ipsf. org.

FIP Young Pharmacists Group Newsletter1

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Reference: ypg-newsletter-sep-dec-2008
Dear IPSF friends,
IPSF has enjoyed a close collaborative relationship with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). FIP has a Young Pharmacists’ Group (YPG), whose membership base overlaps with IPSF’s Individual Membership. Students who have graduated from their first pharmacy degree are still eligible for IPSF membership for up to 4 years after their graduation and FIP members who are under 35 years of age or who graduated from pharmacy school less than 5 years ago qualify to participate in the FIP Young Phamacists’ Group.
As we travel through our university days with IPSF, the natural step as we enter our professional careers is via FIP YPG. IPSF would like to introduce FIP YPG with the attached YPG Newsletter, the current YPG team are all ex-IPSFers!
In this edition of the FIP YPG Newsletter:
– YPG at the FIP Congress
– Basel Highlights
– Awards and Opportunities
– YPG at Istanbul

For more informaiton about FIP YPG, please visit http://www.fip.org/www/?page=menu_ypg

IPSF Newsletter 64 – New IPSF Humanitarian Project

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Reference: newsletter-64
Dear IPSF friends,
A new Humanitarian project – Mobile Pharmacy in Northern Uganda Project– is launched!
The IPSF Humanitarian Coordinator, Ms Alenka Jaklic, has been working hard at establishing this project, the details which you can find in this IPSF Newsletter #64.
This project is looking for students who would like to:
Be part of the Humanitarian Subcommittee to help with preparations
Help with fundraising to help bring this project o life
Be a student volunteer in Uganda for the first 3 months of the action period of this project
This is a worthwhile humanitarian project for your association to be involved in! If you or your local association would like to donate or help fundraise for this project, please contact Ms. Alenka Jaklic at humanitarian@ipsf.org by 1 May 2009 to register your interest.
Included in this Newsletter:
Introduction to Humanitarian Campaign
Uganda – basic facts
Respond ReNUH
Mobile Pharmacy in Northern Uganda Project (MPNUP)
How and Where to Help

55th IPSF Congress Bali – Newsletter 3

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Reference: 55th-ipsf-congress-bali-newsletter3

Dear IPSF friends,

Registrations to the 55th IPSF Congress in Bali, Indonesia was opened on 18th January 2009, we are now in the second phase of registration! Go to www.ipsf2009.org to register and for more information!

In this issue of the Congress e-Newsletter:

– The sunset city
– Registration Part 2
– Visa Regulations
– Frequently Asked Questions
– Introducing the Reception Committee – Registration Division

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