2009 Annual Congress of Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan on 11/28

From the host school – School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical Unviersity

Dear All:


即將於2009.11.28 (六)舉辦之


大會活動網站製作已完成 網址為:http://pharm2009.com.tw/

10/1 網站即開放 陸續會將相關訊息發送給各相關單位及學校公告


總召集人 王惠珀

副召集人 許明照

秘書組 總幹事 李仁愛

助理 邱琬淑 敬上 9/30


台北醫學大學 藥學院

專任助理 邱 琬 淑




E-mail: zorro514@tmu.edu.tw



Taiwanese Pharmacists in Hospital (Open for Discussion)

Welcome to Comments or Provide Different Perspectives of Opinion

Taiwanese Pharmacists in Hospital

(Information from three hospitals in northern Taiwan)

PS. Before the survey below, I would like to clarify that the data from three northern hospitals cannot present all hospitals in Taiwan. And, most of the time there’s some differences from North to South, and from West to East of Taiwan. The differences could lead to US$300~500 gap in salary, or even more.

1. Pharmacists work in Hospitals

Pharmacists in hospital generally have to work in 3 shifts (day-shift/night-shift/midnight-shift; but still depends on which hospital you are in). Frankly speaking, we have daily-work-hours (by law, 8 hours a day). Every hospital would have a general required working hours for pharmacist to fulfill. However, due to the shifts and off, usually we would account at the end of each month. And, if pharmacist’s actual working hours is less than the required working hours, he/she would have to make up next moth. In the opposite, he/she could work less next month.

If pharmacist don’t take evening shift, they usually would have to work on weekend. And, pharmacists would take turns work on weekend (Saturday and Sunday morning). They may take turns work on midnight shift several times a month, but still depend on different hospitals’ policy.

2. Monthly Off/Yearly Special Leaving

According to the by-law, pharmacists have yearly special leaving for 7 days from year 1 to year 5 practicing. And, after that special leavings days would be added up every several years. However, different hospitals still have different policy about the yearly special leaving.

Monthly Off could be allowed for 8days, according to the Labor Standard Act that we have two-days weekend. But since pharmacists in hospitals need to run the shifts, we usually would take the monthly-working-hours as base. For national holidays, pharmacists would need to take turns working in the hospital.

3. Salary counting:

After consultation with several of my hospital colleagues, it would be better to look into the annual wages. And here’s how we count the yearly salary. There’s always a basic salary(US$1000~1500/month starting wages for first-year young pharmacist) for pharmacists in hospital in Taiwan and the basic salary would have minor modification accordingly and yearly. And, we have some kind of bonuses (add to the yearly wages). They are holiday bonus (3 important national holidays) and the year-end-bonus (this really differs among hospitals, and could be ranging from [less]US$700 to US$3000[more]; for the first-year-pharmacist, usually they don’t have the year-end-bonus). Furthermore, generally we have daily work-hours by law and pharmacists in general hospital need to work in 3 shifts (day shift/night shift/midnight shift). Pharmacists would take terns to run the shifts in the hospital. For the night shift and midnight shift, there’s usually some bonus for people taking the shifts as well.

Therefore, we could mounted up the annual salary of a year 1 young pharmacist could be US$15000 to US$2000. As you can see, there’s huge difference among hospitals in Taiwan.

4. Answering you previous questions

– Is it easy to find jobs in the public hospital for pharmacists in Taiwan

Since the starting salary in public hospital is lower, general pharmacist would not take public hospitals as their first choice, even though the trainings in public setting are more intact.

– Where do they normally start their career?

No doubt, it would be the hospital setting of most of the people’s choices. Compare with the community pharmacy setting, the training in hospital is more complete and diversified.

受保護的文章:[Project]: Singapore MOH Recruitment in Taiwan Part I (PWD:Cell)


My First Telecoms Meeting (Singapore MOH)

It just happend last week, after an email that assigned me as the person in charge from the Office….

No latter then 1~2 hours, I was called on the phone and overthere started begining with,

“Mr. Liu, this is the Minstry of Health Hodlings calling from Singapore! we would like to have a telecoms meeting"

“with you now~ My name is Kelly, together with my colleague, Andrew!  Very nice to talk to you…"

Wow! how efficiency was that the MOH made the phone call, and how soon it is that I was involved.

Although, it’s been many times that I received or made certain oversea calls, but it’s the first time that the people

called and asked for a telecoms meeting.  And, most of the time in my previous expeirence, I often had time to prepare,

read through all the reatede document, and I would make the phone call myself.

This time was really different!

And, this case was really different than before as well.

I recall, it started intermittently from early this year.

Rename of the Singapore Pharmacy Council from the original Singapore Pharmacy Board, Singapore looking for

professional alliance from foregin countries (included Taiwan, but with limitted restrictions), and now a National

Proposal directed by the Minitry of Health (Holdings) leading it healthcare sectors recruiting Pharmacists and other

professions from Taiwan to work in Singapore…

I was assgined as the person in charge to assiting the Singapore MOH to promote/advertise the recruitment meeting

they are going to held in the end of this year (around November).  I am really excited about the collaboration and do

really looking forward to the outcome.  Anyway, I shall get myself prepared all the time, and alway be ready for any

unexpected expectedly.

Perhaps, tomorrow, there would be another one telecoms meeting.  Who knows what would happend after my

3 pages of promotion plan? haha!