Taiwanese Pharmacists in Hospital (Open for Discussion)

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Taiwanese Pharmacists in Hospital

(Information from three hospitals in northern Taiwan)

PS. Before the survey below, I would like to clarify that the data from three northern hospitals cannot present all hospitals in Taiwan. And, most of the time there’s some differences from North to South, and from West to East of Taiwan. The differences could lead to US$300~500 gap in salary, or even more.

1. Pharmacists work in Hospitals

Pharmacists in hospital generally have to work in 3 shifts (day-shift/night-shift/midnight-shift; but still depends on which hospital you are in). Frankly speaking, we have daily-work-hours (by law, 8 hours a day). Every hospital would have a general required working hours for pharmacist to fulfill. However, due to the shifts and off, usually we would account at the end of each month. And, if pharmacist’s actual working hours is less than the required working hours, he/she would have to make up next moth. In the opposite, he/she could work less next month.

If pharmacist don’t take evening shift, they usually would have to work on weekend. And, pharmacists would take turns work on weekend (Saturday and Sunday morning). They may take turns work on midnight shift several times a month, but still depend on different hospitals’ policy.

2. Monthly Off/Yearly Special Leaving

According to the by-law, pharmacists have yearly special leaving for 7 days from year 1 to year 5 practicing. And, after that special leavings days would be added up every several years. However, different hospitals still have different policy about the yearly special leaving.

Monthly Off could be allowed for 8days, according to the Labor Standard Act that we have two-days weekend. But since pharmacists in hospitals need to run the shifts, we usually would take the monthly-working-hours as base. For national holidays, pharmacists would need to take turns working in the hospital.

3. Salary counting:

After consultation with several of my hospital colleagues, it would be better to look into the annual wages. And here’s how we count the yearly salary. There’s always a basic salary(US$1000~1500/month starting wages for first-year young pharmacist) for pharmacists in hospital in Taiwan and the basic salary would have minor modification accordingly and yearly. And, we have some kind of bonuses (add to the yearly wages). They are holiday bonus (3 important national holidays) and the year-end-bonus (this really differs among hospitals, and could be ranging from [less]US$700 to US$3000[more]; for the first-year-pharmacist, usually they don’t have the year-end-bonus). Furthermore, generally we have daily work-hours by law and pharmacists in general hospital need to work in 3 shifts (day shift/night shift/midnight shift). Pharmacists would take terns to run the shifts in the hospital. For the night shift and midnight shift, there’s usually some bonus for people taking the shifts as well.

Therefore, we could mounted up the annual salary of a year 1 young pharmacist could be US$15000 to US$2000. As you can see, there’s huge difference among hospitals in Taiwan.

4. Answering you previous questions

– Is it easy to find jobs in the public hospital for pharmacists in Taiwan

Since the starting salary in public hospital is lower, general pharmacist would not take public hospitals as their first choice, even though the trainings in public setting are more intact.

– Where do they normally start their career?

No doubt, it would be the hospital setting of most of the people’s choices. Compare with the community pharmacy setting, the training in hospital is more complete and diversified.


受保護的文章:[Project]: Singapore MOH Recruitment in Taiwan Part I (PWD:Cell)


My First Telecoms Meeting (Singapore MOH)

It just happend last week, after an email that assigned me as the person in charge from the Office….

No latter then 1~2 hours, I was called on the phone and overthere started begining with,

“Mr. Liu, this is the Minstry of Health Hodlings calling from Singapore! we would like to have a telecoms meeting"

“with you now~ My name is Kelly, together with my colleague, Andrew!  Very nice to talk to you…"

Wow! how efficiency was that the MOH made the phone call, and how soon it is that I was involved.

Although, it’s been many times that I received or made certain oversea calls, but it’s the first time that the people

called and asked for a telecoms meeting.  And, most of the time in my previous expeirence, I often had time to prepare,

read through all the reatede document, and I would make the phone call myself.

This time was really different!

And, this case was really different than before as well.

I recall, it started intermittently from early this year.

Rename of the Singapore Pharmacy Council from the original Singapore Pharmacy Board, Singapore looking for

professional alliance from foregin countries (included Taiwan, but with limitted restrictions), and now a National

Proposal directed by the Minitry of Health (Holdings) leading it healthcare sectors recruiting Pharmacists and other

professions from Taiwan to work in Singapore…

I was assgined as the person in charge to assiting the Singapore MOH to promote/advertise the recruitment meeting

they are going to held in the end of this year (around November).  I am really excited about the collaboration and do

really looking forward to the outcome.  Anyway, I shall get myself prepared all the time, and alway be ready for any

unexpected expectedly.

Perhaps, tomorrow, there would be another one telecoms meeting.  Who knows what would happend after my

3 pages of promotion plan? haha!




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1. too much vs. too less

作RA的這半年以來, 還真的是遇到許許多多不同的人, 特別是上頭的口味, 更是良宥不齊(這樣用的嗎?)

Anway, 就是換了和尚, 可能就要換了種打鐘的方式(是這樣用的嗎?)

However, 不過ㄧ致堅持的就是, 極盡人事的盡所可能的告知; 除了研究(如果有研究的部分除外), 照顧到整個計畫的

每一個關節, 是基本RA至少要Fullfil的minimum責任以及義務.

Well, 這時候就兩難了:


妳就最好把每一封信都Cc給我, 不要讓我發現什麼東西漏掉了; 我要清清楚楚的知道, 每一件事情來龍去脈, 從頭到尾的發展,

我要了解的ㄧ清二楚.  Well, 最喜歡的就是碰到這種人, 因為這和我習慣作, 以及認為應該做的, 是一致的!


Nock it off!  Don’t bother me and go away~ 這計畫雖然掛的是我的名字, 雖然我是老闆, 我是頭頭;

雖然我是上司, 但是你最好啥都不要來找我, 有事少來找, 事情最好不要我決定, 但是你決定的ㄧ定要合我的意;

不管我有表示意見還是沒有表示意見, 最後ㄧ定是老子我爽的, 我要的, 我想的;

我忙的要死要活, 跑這兒跑那兒, 到處亂竄, 就是無法搞好自己應該搞好的東西, 在位上但是一點都不想要處理.

A/B是極端, 而浮海人生, 就在這中間, 載浮載沉……………………………………………………………………………..

2. 尊重你的意見

當尊重一個人的意見時, 也要尊重的那一個人有意見; 如果沒有意見, 那就是白搭, 無用, 廢言.

這四周圍很多人, 每天都充滿了尊重妳, 尊重他, 尊重誰的理論性的東西…………………………


這裡面充滿了太多太多的歧視, 無時無刻不流露著不屑還有不爽

自己文人必相輕, 這句話真到哪都如雞皮疙瘩看得到, 噁心….To – Ro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. 說這話的人

它的真正原意是!?  靠腰~ 妳問三小啦!?   事情就交給他了, 它應該要出意見阿, 問我!?  我又不能多說什麼話

妳找他, 事情都已經拜託了啦,  妳就趕快去逼他說出個意見, 了事就好啦~ 煩死了!!

2. 被說的這個人

你阿罵ㄌㄝ!! 我是被找來的, 是不是掛名不知道啦, 不過我還真的是就想要掛名就好了, 管他我接起來是爛死不嘗命的

廢活, 掛個名不賴阿!! 應該扯不到我吧~  但是, 我就是光明正大, 掛名而已; 要做決定阿, 我不行啦, 我是掛名的ㄋㄝ!!

快走! 快走! 快走! 妳少來煩我, 最好是事情都做好, 然後我只負責說兩個字就好: 1. Yes! 2. No!  That’s all~

蛙! 太神奇了ㄝ~ 兩個人真的矛盾到不行ㄝ!! 可是卻是, 明著亂幹的鬧劇….得了吧~  哥哥姐姐弟弟妹妹們~ 別鬧了好不好!!

這是RA的黑暗面, how dark it is?


MB (Taiwan)