[P-Squared Project]: My Motivation Letter

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My Application Motivation Letter:

Motivation Letter

My name is Liu Wei Chih from Taiwan.  For those who may know me, they call me, Michael.  I am an old IPSFer since I was a freshman.  Touching with foreign affairs really broadens my vision toward an international world.  Therefore, I just started from the 1st Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) and the pharmacy student union of my school.  And from years to years, starting as a participant, I started to change myself as an initiator and organizer.  Like, when I was the IPSF AIDS Coordinator, I planned an AIDS Campaign for one week long and I initiated the idea of collaborating with the medical students/Chinese medicine students of my school.  Furthermore, in the IPSF/FIP Paitent Counseling Event Booklet translation project, as being a pioneer, I introduced the booklet to my organization/school teachers/the government.  I said, at that time, this is good for us to learn more about counseling skills, not only for the pharmacy students but for the practicing pharmacists.  After all, we made it and it’s a huge success for us to have the PCE happened in Taiwan.

Why I am interested in P-Square?  I think it’s the idea or concept that I gained from the 1st WHSS, which was held in Malta.  I was once the participant and at that time, I made up my mind to help/initiate the idea of working together with the medical-related students in my country, Taiwan.  And, next month, the dream is going to come true.  Multidisciplinary is the trend of the current healthcare and we, as pharmacy students are one day to collaborate with the medical students or maybe other fields of students.  One day, we will become professionals of our fields and we all know that we can’t do the whole thing on our own.  Like the puzzle, we are only the piece or several pieces of them, but not all.  Without or with only of us, the beautiful picture will never reveal.

I am willing to play any part in this project.  No matter it’s the Administration part, or the Publication and Web Management part, or the Marketing part, I am going to devoted myself to do my best.  Like the saying which is recently the most popular about the Olympic game, “Once Goal, One dream."  It’s my honor to be able to work as a team and work for the P-Square project.


Michael Wei-Chih Liu (Taiwan)


[P-Squared Project]: My CV

Posted On 星期一, 八月 25, 2008

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今天下午, 花了足足四個小時,  很趕得趕出來!! 超趕得, 要趕在九月十九號之前><!!!

My Application CV:

Michael Wei-Chih Liu



  • Bachelor, College of Pharmacy, China Medical University.
  • Master, Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical University.


Aug 2008—-present,
College of Pharmacy, Taipei Medial University.
Research Assistant

  • Data Sourcing:Collecting community pharmacy accreditation document, analyzing and comparing the Pro/Con among them.
  • Symposium/Meeting Management organizing:Organizing 3 professionals meetings locally and 1 international Symposium, sharing and discussing the accreditation in different countries.

Participated Events/Students Activities

  • 2001, 1st Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium, Singapore
  • 2002, 48th IPSF World Congress, Budapest (Hungary) as Official Delegate/Student Exchange Officer & 2nd Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium, Taipei (Taiwan) as Workshop Speaker.
  • 2002-2003, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs (Pharmacy Student Union, China Medical University) & Pharmacy Professional Awareness Program for Community College as teaching assistant & Chairperson of Public Relation of PSA-TW for Pharmacy Cup.
  • 2003, 49th IPSF Annual Congress as IPSF AIDS Coordinator.
  • 2004-2005, The Campaign for Drug-free Teenagers via Education in Elementary Schools (PPAC Campaign) as Documentary Booklet Editors and project presented in 51st IPSF Annual Congress (Halifax, Canada)
  • 2005-2006, IPSF Patient Counseling Booklet (Counseling, Concordance, Communication:Innovative Education for Pharmacist) Translation Project (English to Traditional/Simplified Chinese) as Project Coordinator and presented in the 52nd IPSF Annual Congress (Cairns, Australia) as PCE Workshop Speaker.
  • 2006-2007, 53rd IPSF Annual Congress patient counseling events as IPSF PCE Coordinator & Scientific Symposium as RC Scientific Symposium Coordinator & PSA-TW General Secretary
  • 2007-present, Consultant of the Executive Board, PSA-TW


Computer Skills:

  • Windows XP, Linux (Fedora, Ubuntus)
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007.
  • Website Programming:HTML, PHP, JavaScript.
  • Database:MySQL++.
  • Personally as blogger and online-forum (Discuz!) manager.

[IPSF/IFMSA]: P-Squared Project

Posted On 星期一, 八月 25, 2008

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This is the message from the IPSF-PD egroup.

Following:A message from the IFMSA-IPSF P2 (Physician x Pharmacist) Collaborative Project (www.psquared-project.com)
Join us!

P-Squared project, an international alliance project between IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Association) and IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation) which firstly initiated among countries in Asia Pacific Region.

This project aims to improve collaboration among healthcare students, particularly medical and pharmaceutical students. We have done preliminary study about medical and pharmaceutical students’ perspectives on their own professions and on how do they think about future partnerships between both professions. Now we prepare to make handbook, publication materials, and start fundraising for this project, and we invite you to join with us in this project.

We are looking forward to your participation as (with requirement mentioned below):


– Related with posting and all administrational materials

– Have 1-2 hours daily for emails and online

Publication and Web Management

– Have any experience in design or website management is a plus

– Have a fresh ideas on design and 2-3 hours daily to work


– Have a huge networking among healthcare students Nationally and internationally

– Willing to work hard and have 2-3 hours daily to work

Send your CV and Motivation letter to psquared@psquared-project.com before 15th of September 2008.

Be part of improvement in healthcare partnerships worldwide!!

Click www.psquared-project.com for further information.