Together! Work Bigger~ Joint FAPA/Taiwan Reception in 2009 FIP Istanbul Congress

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On September 6th during the FIP Congress (Istanbul, Turkey), the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan jointly hosted the first-ever FAPA/Taiwan Reception in the Hilton Istanbul with the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations, and the Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  This is the first try in the FIP Congress that we together invite our international colleagues and friends; jointly celebrate the friendships and annual meeting in the FIP World Congress.

(Opening of the Reception, September 6th)

(Playing of 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition video)

Before we arrived at Istanbul, the PST Office systematically emailed and mailed the invitations to our FAPA member countries and to FIP, and we gained lots of responses.  At the date of the FAPA/Taiwan Reception, more than 300 colleagues and friends attended our Reception.  And, many leaders or board members from different countries’ society/organizations showed up and joined us at night.  The Reception started at 5pm, and we are honored to have President Nam (FAPA), President Chien (TSHP), Mr. Thony Björk (FIP), Prof. Nagai (FAPA), Dr. Peter Kailgast (Former President of FIP, and Former Director of FIP Education & Research Foundation), and Mr. Leslie Z. Benet (FIP) to address to the audience.  During the Reception, we are appreciated that Dr. Kamal K. Midha (FIP), Mr. Ton Hoek (FIP), Mr. John Bell (FIP), and Mr. John Ware (WPPF) joined us and celebrate the meaningful night with us.

(President Nam, FAPA)

(President Chien, TSHP)

(President Huang, PST)

(Mr. Thony Björk, FIP Vice President)

(Mr. Leslie Z. Benet, FIP Education & Research Foundation)

(President Huang and Dr. Kamal K. Midha, FIP President)

(Mr. John Ware and his colleagues, WPPF)

(Mr. John Bell and our MC)

FAPA, as co-host of this Reception, more than a hundred participants were from FAPA member countries and this hadn’t have included the participants of 80~90 from Taiwan.  Our distinguished guest and a old friend, Dr. Peter Kailgast made the comments out of his personal feeling, “these group of Taiwanese people, in my term as being the President of FIP, the first question they asked me was not I expected, but asking me that what they can do for FIP, for the international pharmacy profession. And this reminded me of what the US President John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural addressing, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  People in the Ballroom were not un-touched by this sincere and passionate addressing, not to mention the Taiwanese people who’s been respecting and cherishing old friends and friendships.

(Dr Peter Kailgast, Former FIP President; A respectful elderly and old friend)

At the end of Dr. Kailgast’s addressing, he also suggested three reasons for people to consider visiting Taiwan.  First of all, try and visit Taiwan and prove yourself why the Portuguese sailed to the seashore of this small green island, shouted out “El La Formosa!” astonished by its beauty.  Second, Please take a look the people around you, you would find who adorable are these people and what/how you can expect the 2010 FAPA Congress in Taiwan.  Last but not least, for the professional suggestion, the National Health Insurance Program of Taiwan shall provide as good example for the world and share its fruitful experience with its international colleagues.

The Reception ended around 7pm and all the participants happily left after taking photos in front of the Reception banner.  It was a successful Reception ever-co-hosted by FAPA/PST/TSHP.  Hope the Reception would continue and see you all next year in FIP Congress (Lisbon, Portugal) and for sure, we can’s miss you in Taiwan for 2010 FAPA Congress.

(Group photo taken with friends and Taiwanese people)

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A Shining Star In 2009 FIP Congress Exhibition – Booth No.55 (Article for FAPA Website)

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FIP Annual Congress, the 69th World Congress Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science Congress, was taken place in Istanbul, Turkey from September 3rd ~ 8th 2009 (Main theme: Responsibility for Patient Outcomes – Are you ready?).  As the host of the 2010 Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) Congress, Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan (PST) took this great opportunity to promote next year FAPA to our international colleagues.  Together with the 2010 FAPA Congress promotion, PST also helped the Taipei City Government to promote the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition.

The promotion booth in the Congress Exhibition Hall was designed under two themes, the 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, and the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition.  Therefore, we could find the four giant posters below which attracted most of the people to take picture as background.

(Giant Poster, No.1 of 4: 2010 Taipei International Flora Expositions)

(Giant Poster, No.2 of 4: 2010 Taipei International Flora Expositions)

(Giant Poster, No.3 of 4: 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan)

(Giant Poster, No.4 of 4: 2010 FAPA Congress in Taipei, Taiwan)

The FIP Congress began at 2pm in the afternoon of September 3rd.  Opening Ceremony started with Turkish Minster of Health and FIP President Dr. Kamal K. Midha’s addressing.  In between the ceremony, the Turkish brought the participants the most famous performance, the Shaman Dance Theater.  Right after the Opening Ceremony, the Welcome Reception was followed and held in the Exhibition Hall.  More than two thousand of Congress participants crowed into the Exhibition Hall and make the Hall the well-know, Grand Bazaar.

(President Nam signed for FAPA)

(President Nam, and President Huang took picture with the Booth Staff from PST/TYPG)

(Vice Presidents, Mr. Ahaditomo and Mr. Joseph Wang)

(Vice President of FAPA, Ms. Lyesa and her colleague with President Huang )

(Booth: sign board for people to leave message or blessing for FAPA)

(Turkish congress participant wore our Butterfly Costume)

(At the end of the days, we got tones of signing on the guest book)

(People crowded into our FAPA Booth, No. 55)

(Gentlman got the price after winning the game from us)

(Lady got the price after winning the game from us)

(People who were interested at the game, and ready to gain a price from us)

The 23rd Federation of Asian of Pharmaceutical Associations Congress will be held from November 5th to 8th at the Taipei International Conference Center.  The Organizing Committee and the people in Taiwan are welcoming all the international colleague to take a visit to our island, and experience the passion and hospitality of our Taiwanese People.  Please visit our website:

My Past Article for FAPA Website: News (

2009/7/21  FAPA Taiwan Reception – JointInvitation Letter (2009/07/17)
2009/7/8  FAPA-AASP Workshop on Pharmacy Practice and Education 2009(12th June 2009)
2009/6/20  Highlights from the 2010 FAPA Congress MOA
2009/6/20  2010 FAPA Congress Presentation and MOA Signing Ceremony
2009/1/20  Forum on Community Pharmacy Accreditation

受保護的文章:1st FAPA Website Committee Meeting Minutes(PWD:Song for 2010 FAPA Promotion)

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Article for FAPA Website: Forum on Community Pharmacy Accreditation

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Forum on Community Pharmacy Accreditation, 24-25 November 2009 (Taipei, Taiwan)


Picture of the Forum Participants after the Closing Remark

On 24-25 November 2008, the first international forum on community pharmacy accreditation was domestically held in Taipei Medical University (TMU) in Taiwan.  This forum was part of the project granted by the Department of Health, Study on Accreditation System in Different Countries.  And, the forum was co-hosted by the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations and sponsored by Taipei Pharmacists’ Association, Cheng’s Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, and T.M.U. Pharmacy Alumni Foundation for Culture and Education.

Six inviting speakers from different countries shared with the audience about their experience involving in development of the quality assurance systems:

1. Ms. Park Hye Kyung (Principle Research Scientist, Korea Institute for Pharmaceutical Policy Affairs, Korea);


Right, Ms. Park Hye Kyung Receiving the Forum Gift

2. Mr. Nobuo Yamamoto (Vice-President of Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japan);


Mr. Yamamoto Session in the Morning, Forum Day 1 (11/24)

3. Mr. Katha Bunditanukul (President of Community Pharmacist Foundation, Thailand);


Mr. Bunditabukul

4. Angela Su, Pharm.D. (Pharmacist of Taipei Medical University-Wan Fang Hospital, USA/Taiwan);

5. Mr. John Chang (President-Elect of FAPA, Malaysia);


Mr John Chang (Malaysia)

6. Mr. Jay Hooper (Past National President of Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Australia) 。


Mr. Jay Hooper (Australia)

Dr. Ming-Jer Shieh (Vice President of TMU), Ms. Li-Ling Liu (Deputy Director General of Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs), and Dr. Soo-Ja Nam (President of FAPA) addressed all the participants that community pharmacies and the community pharmacists are fundamentally crucial and they take care after people, provide health consultation.  Therefore, to establish a higher standard should be the goal to keep working on, and put into practice.


Dr. Soo Ja Nam Taking Question in the Forum

In Forum Day 1, theme of the day was Community Pharmacy Accreditation.  Ms. Park as first speaker shared the newly drafted Korean Good Pharmacy Practice guidelines and told the guidelines would be put into practice together with the pharmacy education reformation (4 to 6 years) in 2009.  Forum second speaker was Mr. Yamamoto, and he spent a lot of time talking about the history of Japanese pharmacy development which well-explained what brought the Japanese pharmacists to the status of nowadays.  The accreditation system of Japan has been modified up to version No. 3.  The following Mr. Bunditanukul started talking about the health insurance reform in Thailand that followed with the joint cooperation among the Thailand pharmacy administration, Food and Drug Administration of Thailand and the Community Pharmacy Association to develop the Community Pharmacy Development and Accreditation Program.

Starting of the afternoon session, Ms. Su shared her American experience which told us that USA doesn’t have the kind of accreditation system but apply the pharmacy laws regulating the opening of a standardized pharmacy.  Mr. Chang kicked out lots of problems that Malaysians might face that some of us are facing, which provide the audience different views over looking the benchmarking guidelines. Mr. Hooper from Australia introduceed their system, QCPP (Quality Care Pharmacy Practice), for the audience and made a much higher overview to the quality assurance system.

Theme for the Forum Day 2 was Internship of Pharmacy Students in Community Pharmacy.  The Forum arranged 3 presentations in the morning according to the maturity of development from different countries. Ms. Park presented Korean developing courses, Mr. Yamamoto presented their developed system, and Mr. Hooper presented the well-developed program.  It’s not about comparing at all but made the chance for the people to learn from each other, to know what others are doing, to share what we have and what we don’t have.

2 days of forum was ended by Dr. Nam’s closing remark.  As being the supervisor of the granted project and the forum, Professor Kuang-Yang Hsu was in the hope that the forum could bring different inspirations for pharmacists in Taiwan.  And taking different community pharmacy accreditation systems for reference, development of Taiwan community pharmacy accreditation system should be taken into consideration.  Especially for the community pharmacists and pharmacies, the discussion and communication should be continuous with pharmacy professional organizations and the pharmacy administration involved.  In the end, we could make the most benefit for all upon a better and higher standard.


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突然很喜歡黃睿靚, 的這句話


雖然她臉很機歪, 但是不的不quete一下她的這句話

如果要下一句話, 給這一週

我會下, “太超過週"



沒有好太多, 或許又更深


一整個充實, 感覺愉快, 時間緊緊緊

很緊湊的在學校一瞬間(一眼一瞬間-by 蕭敬騰 and 張惠妹)把很多研究的事情

one by one, one after one的給辦理起來

這一天讓人很痛苦, 但是也讓人很振奮

五點離開北醫, 到台大去開會

ps. 做到一班22, 不知道要帶我台北市的哪裡, 最後原本想要做去六張犁



竟然還是坐22號, 還是小卡叫我做的(人家是第一次ㄇㄝ)

安全的到了大安站, 結果…這路線一定是沒有設計好, 怎會往北坐到了忠孝復興站呢?

我家不是在南邊嗎? 埃!! 繞了一圈, 會點換方向, 轉回到

到家差不多十點了, 準時看康熙來了, 大學生了沒, 還有新聞挖挖挖><!!




東補補一點, 西補補一點,中午前就停了下來

因為今天重點在下午的工作會議, 因為要三國鼎立討論


所以還好, 原本是2~3pm, 然後3:30pm要接著工作會議


但是, 還是不夠的拉><!

老闆的一些東西要優先處理, 要回一些信, 還要處理學校那搞怪會計鬼

只剩下一點點時間可以準備我的QCPP, 結果就很快的review一次, 然後


真是振奮人心, 因為總算是三國碰在一起討論, 果然有許多的火花還有思考

這樣開會才有意思阿!! 每一個人都專精一國, 這一個點可以延伸到三國的對照比較

爽字一覺阿!! 或許研究的東西, 因為是屬於自己的東西, 所以才會感覺到實實在在的快樂

六點多……..恩恩恩!! 很有收穫

接著就是七點拉~ 另外一個會(宣傳設計)

跟不同領域的人合作的感覺真是奇妙, 像是說我的電腦給中木馬拉, 掃不完毒拉, 關不了機

開會到快九點多, 連忙著把NB拿去給人家修理, 卻得到一個令人傷心難過的消息

………………….很抱歉!! 只能夠重灌了><!!………………….沒有錯, 這樣的我就一直過十二點才回到家


原本以為今天可以努力的準備, 昨天工作會議討論的研究事項

一整個心情大老的要來攤開一整桌的各國資料, 準備拿攝子一條一條的給它篩出來比較

結果呢!! 一整個被那會計室小惡魔給打翻了….十五號是嗎? 就是想要把東西趕

十六號學校撥款給她弄出去, 全部!! 全部!! 竟然都給她打回來

媽媽樂ㄌㄝ!! 要怎樣要怎樣弄你是有教我是嗎? 還說啥這點小事就打電話過來問就好啦?

你不是有我電話嗎? 有阿!! 每一次打電話你那惡魔般的口吻, 擺明就是幹麻打電話給我…

還叫我可以打電話過去問><!!  比我還要差!! 我至少人家問的時候還會知無不言, 言不不盡

沒有人像你這樣….一開頭就是說你到底有沒有看資料拉><!! 阿資料ㄌㄝ~ 我的天阿!!

小惡魔, 我今天一定要打敗你!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

晚上ㄌㄝ? 還能怎樣呢? 又是開會拉!! 一整個超緊張, 要講兩份我連自己再寫啥都不知道的東西

雖然說花了好幾個晚上的時間寫, 但是還是很混亂的狀態…….因為!! 一切都還渾沌不清

只是不知道大家看懂不懂, 還有就是有沒有聽懂我報告的東西, 我想到的思考點!! 因為我也很想弄懂

Anyway, 只是初步第一次的直接討論各自業務的東西, 我相信會越來越清楚, 也希望越來越順利

冷氣也可以越來越強!!!!!!  一整個快要熱昏了~ 台大是有在省電的嗎? 強烈的懷疑中…..

跟官夫人約會後, 就直接回家!! as always, 22號一路向北(南?), 這一次總算是沒錯拉

只不過背上一包, 手中一大帶的新書, 讓我整個火都快要惹起來了!! 夠重的~

ps. 北醫金石堂要倒了, 全面書籍七五折, 快點去促進消費阿~ 有要幫忙買書的嗎?

埃優威阿!! 回到家也是十一點多了><!! 感覺真的一整個悲涼

不知道的是, 晚上開會前, 在路邊, 灌了一大灌海尼根, 怎樣到現在才開始發作



然後就三點起床一次, 三點半起床一次, 四點起床一次, 四點半起床一次, 五點起床一次, 五點半起床一次

我還真的就只有五點半針的起了床, 在我小小矮矮的書桌上, 打我的meeting presentation…快點完成它!!

好你家在, 前幾天已經完成絕大部分的內容, 現在早上meeting前短短一個小時的時間(包花我通車時間)

可以讓我修修補補, 東東摸摸><!!!

六點五十分拉!! 來不及拉~ 接駁車不可能, 捷運一定會遲到………..小黃等我!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

媽媽ㄌㄝ!! 十分鐘, 一百三十五元!! 可以用公費嗎?><!!!!

埃!! 八點半, 總算是報告完, 還確定了不少東西, 還要修改不少東西

總而言之, 言而總之, 就是!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meeting總算是結束了

但是, 還有座談會的初步成果報告要給!!! 還有一堆有關於計畫的事情要, 拉緊黃線!! 快快趕工

ps. 原本是有緊張, 但是現在是拉緊報了><!!!


有阿!! 今天還沒過完

不過可以預告, 今天下午要和小惡魔對戰!! 定孤支

晚上!! 嘿嘿~ 還是有會議等著喔!! 還是台大喔~ 我開始憤恨去台大了


明天呢? 我想研究的東西勢必是要趕一個星期五的deadline(週末)

下午/晚上還有嗎? 當然阿!!

很好~ 我想!! 我當年沒有唸台大是正確的

因為現在這些, 已經去夠了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


原本以為充實, 結果體力卻跟不太上

原本信心滿滿, 結果意志力還是要靠一下

不能說失落或者是沮喪, 但是每晚回家


ps. 每一次有滄桑感覺的時候, 我都會在台北街頭看到明星喔!! 也算是好是一件拉

只是想, 希望我能夠快點克服這一些工作


加油!! FIGHTING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~